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GripWorks - The Leader in Hand Grip Innovation and Design

Whether you're designing a sophisticated piece of fitness equipment or simple garden tool, one factor remains the same... the hand grip you choose will serve as the main point of contact between your product and your potential customer. Utilising one of GripWorks innovative grip designs will help ensure that this contact is a positive one for your customer. GripWorks hand grips enhance the value of your product and give it a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

As the largest manufacturer of custom hand grips and foam tubing in the world, GripWorks offers more sizes, styles, and materials than any other manufacturer. GripWorks also pioneered the process for manufacturing dual wall hand grips featuring durable inside liners with soft, consumer friendly surfaces. This innovative spirit continues today as GripWorks constantly develops new designs, processes, and materials that result in improved products for its customers.

You will find GripWorks hand grips on many of the world's most respected brands including Craftsman®, Scotts®, and Rubbermaid®. It is our reputation for combining innovative grip designs with cost effective manufacturing methods that make us the partner of choice for so many manufacturers.

For further information please contact us today on or 01634 686504.